Bald Eagle #21-0677 update

The veterinary team is still closely managing Bald Eagle #21-0677's carpal wounds. On July 10, the veterinary staff debrided the wounds again, carefully rebandaged them, and decided to move the eagle back to the A3 tower. This location allows the staff to still closely monitor and treat the bird, but allows the eagle to be farther away from people, and to see and interact with the other eagles in the A3 enclosure. 

Each day, the staff carefully check and clean the bird's wounds before reapplying bandages and administering medications. At this point, the bird's right carpal wound appears to be healing well; the sutures are intact and there is minimal discharge at the incision site. The bird's left carpal wound has been more challenging to manage; the wound is unable to entirely close. The staff will continue to carefully treat the eagle's wounds.