Bald Eagle #20-2906 and #20-3131 update

The Bald Eagles in A3 have been doing well the past couple of weeks and are exercised daily by the rehabilitation team. Before these birds are fully conditioned for release, they will be participating in some research with our state eagle biologist!

On Friday, October 16, state eagle biologist Jeff Cooper came to the Center to apply two small transmitters to the Bald Eagles in A3. These tiny transmitters are solar-powered and, if they function well, will be used to study the movements of eagles that live in close proximity to airfields in eastern Virginia. The overall goal of the project is preventing airstrike; if the transmitters work well, biologists will set up receivers around a particular airfield so that officials are alerted if an eagle wearing a transmitter is in close proximity. At this time, the transmitters are just in the trial phase, which is what our eagles will assist with. We'll be monitoring the birds to ensure the transmitters stay on while the eagles continue to move, fly, preen, and bathe. The transmitters will be removed before these eagles are released.

Those watching the two birds on Critter Cam are encouraged to take screenshots and share in the moderated discussion -- keeping an eye on the transmitters will be very helpful to the staff and Jeff Cooper! The devices are small black ovals, and each eagle has the transmitter clipped onto the top of its central tail feather. Feel free to take a screenshot and upload to the discussion!