Bald Eagle #20-0918 [RU] update

Bald Eagle #20-0918 [RU] has been doing well in the Center's A1 flight pen during the past couple of weeks. While the eagle is not on a formal daily exercise program, the bird is housed with Bald Eagle #20-0994 who is being exercised regularly -- so RU is slowly building flight muscles again. 

Since RU was admitted with eye injuries, which can be a serious issue for diurnal raptors like eagles, the veterinary team has placed an "ocular hold" on the eagle. Ocular holds at the Center are typically about three months in length; during this period of time, the veterinarians perform three eye examinations just to ensure that any initial eye issue is not deteriorating. Even if improvements are noted soon after admission and treatment, some eye injuries may deteriorate slowly over time, compromising a bird's vision. The next eye examination for RU will be on July 22, and the third will be in mid-August.