Bald Eagle #20-0055 update

Bald Eagle #20-0055 continues to slowly recover from its severe lead intoxication. The eagle is maneuvering fairly well in its flight enclosure, and the rehabilitation staff recently discovered that the eagle has a strong preference for eating chicks. An additional lead test on March 22 revealed a lead level of 0.06 ppm; the veterinary staff would like to continue to treat the bird until levels are "low", though the eagle will need a break from treatment to avoid overwhelming its kidneys.

The staff recently found that the eagle has lacerations on both feet; it's likely that the eagle tried to perch on something inappropriate in its A1 flight enclosure. The eagle was moved to the Cpens for several days while the veterinary staff started foot treatments and the rehabilitation staff checked for any issues within the flight pen. As of March 24, the veterinary team decided that the eagle could move back to the A1 flight enclosure; they will continue to treat the bird's feet and monitor its neurologic symptoms and movement.