Bald Eagle #19-0129 update

During evening treatments on March 8, the veterinary team noted that Bald Eagle #19-0129 was lying down in its crate and was breathing heavily when handled for assessment. They placed the eagle in the oxygen chamber; when they checked on the bird later, the eagle was still lying down but its respiratory effort had improved. They left the bird in the oxygen chamber overnight to continue oxygen therapy.

Unfortunately, the following morning on March 9, Bald Eagle #19-0129 was found dead in its crate.

Findings from a necropsy included fluid in the lungs and a very pale area within the muscular wall of the heart. The area of pale muscle in the wall of the heart could indicate that the bird threw a blood clot in the heart – this can happen with animals that are suffering from systemic inflammation or sepsis – which caused acute heart failure and subsequently lead to fluid build-up in the lungs.  This can happen very suddenly, which could explain why this bird appeared normal in the morning but was in distress by evening treatments.