Bald Eagle #19-0031 update

Bald Eagle #19-0031 has made improvements during the three weeks following surgery. Although the bird was initially not eating well, her appetite has improved tremendously; the veterinary staff say she is now “ravenous” and readily eats the whole rat and fish that are offered to her each day. The bird’s fungal and yeast infections (likely caused by post-surgical antibiotics) have now cleared.

On February 7, the veterinary staff removed the bandage that was supporting the eagle’s fractured left wing following surgery. The eagle will have daily physical therapy sessions (repeatedly extending and contracting the wing) for at least the next two weeks. Radiographs are also scheduled once a week for the next two weeks.

If the eagle responds well to the physical therapy, and if all looks appropriate on radiographs, the bird may be able to move to an outdoor flight pen toward the end of February.