Bald Eagle #17-2257 [HK] update

On Saturday, September 9, the veterinary team noted that the blood flow to HK's fractured right leg was not making any improvements, despite warm compresses and salt bath soaks, physical therapy, and laser therapy. The use of the eagle's left leg was unchanged. After the extensive morning treatments, Dr. Ernesto decided to check on the eagle again in the evening, and if there was no improvement, he would need to make a difficult decision. 

In the afternoon, no improvements were seen, but the team decided to attempt one more procedure -- a fasciotomy, to relieve the tension and pressure in the leg that had lost circulation. Sadly, HK died under anesthesia.  Dr. Monica attempted CPR for several minutes, but could not revive HK.

The team is saddened that, despite an all-out effort of treatment, HK's injuries were too severe to overcome.  The veterinary team will perform a necropsy, to see what else they can learn about HK's injuries.