Bald Eagle #17-2257 [HK] update

The morning after Bald Eagle HK’s surgery, Dr. Ernesto noted that the eagle was able to bear weight on his injured right leg, indicating that the external fixator was able to offer support to the eagle; however, HK was not bearing weight on his left leg. When HK is quietly resting in his enclosure, he often lies down with his wings spread out for balance.

Additional radiographs, as well as a review of the initial radiographs, didn’t show any obvious left leg or spinal injuries. On Thursday, Dr. Ernesto performed another examination of the eagle; results suggest that there is likely nerve damage to the left leg. The eagle is reactive when the upper part of his leg is manipulated but is not reacting when Dr. Ernesto manipulates the lower part of the leg and the foot. It’s unknown if injury occurred when HK was struck by a vehicle, or is due to how the eagle has been compensating for the fractured leg.

The team is performing daily physical therapy on both of HK’s legs, and will continue to offer anti-inflammatories and pain meds.