Bald Eagle 17-2257 [HK] update

Bald Eagle HK remained bright and alert throughout the weekend, and ate on his own Saturday evening and Sunday! The leg bandage has remained clean and dry, and there is evidence of minor swelling of the injured leg and foot, which is to be expected.

Dr. Ernesto, the Center’s Hospital Director, has been reviewing the radiographs and planning Tuesday’s surgery. He’ll be applying an external fixation to the fractured metatarsus; while many avian fractures can be pinned with an intramedullary [IM] pin, the metatarsus can’t be repaired using that technique, as the hock or metatarsus-phalanx joint would be damaged. Instead, pins will be inserted through both sides of the eagle’s leg, both above and below the fracture. An external fixation pin will then be held in place by the pins in the eagle’s leg, which will offer stability and support during the healing period. Dr. Ernesto will decide on his final configuration of the fixation on Tuesday.