Bald Eagle #17-1613 update

Bald Eaglet #17-1613 has been stable since admission; the young bird is generally quiet, but is eating well each day. The staff have been offering supportive care, ensuring that the bird is receiving enough food, supplemental fluids, and anti-inflammatories; the veterinary team has also been cleaning the bird’s pox lesions.

On Tuesday, July 4, Dr. Peach anesthetized the bird to take biopsies of the lesions on the bird’s face and feet. She also performed an endoscopy procedure on the young eaglet. A small area on the bird’s left side was cleaned and prepped; Dr. Peach then made an incision and inserted the Center’s endoscope into the bird’s body cavity. The air sacs on the bird’s left side were all within normal limits. The air sacs on the right side of the eaglet’s body, which appeared more opaque on radiographs, couldn’t clearly be visualized, though no obvious abnormalities were noted. The eaglet recovered well from the procedure and was placed back in the Center’s isolation unit.

Supportive care will continue.