Bald Eagle #15-2090 and #15-2015 Releases Scheduled

For the past two weeks, Bald Eagles #15-2090 and #15-2015 have both been flying well in a large eagle flight pen. The birds are strong fliers, and are able to maintain height and stamina. On Monday, December 14, the veterinary team drew blood on both birds for a pre-release analysis. Results came back within normal limits. Bald Eagle #15-2015 was cleared for release; Bald Eagle #15-2090 should be cleared for release this week after several broken flight feathers on her right wing have been imped [replaced].

If possible, Dr. Dave hopes to fit one or both birds with GPS transmitters prior to their release; the Wildlife Center needs to acquire additional materials for the transmitter fittings.

The eagles will be released together on Tuesday, December 22 at 12 noon at Berkeley Plantation at Taps Field. Wildlife Center President Ed Clark will release both birds. The release is open to the public; those planning on attending are asked to RSVP to

Berkeley Plantation is offering a 10% discount on Christmas tours to eagle release attendees.


Please visit the Berkeley Plantation website for directions. Alternatively, use Google/MapQuest to obtain the best directions from your location to the Berkeley address:

12602 Harrison Landing Road
Charles City, Virginia 23030

There is a directional sign at the front of Berkeley Plantation’s driveway. Rather than taking a slight right onto Harrison Landing (which leads to the main Berkeley Plantation mansion), bear left toward Westover Plantation. Take an immediate right (look for the “eagle release” sign) onto a gravel driveway [if you pass the sign that notes that Westover Plantation is two miles ahead, you have missed the turn to Berkeley].

Follow the gravel road straight back for 1.1 miles. The parking lot will be on your right.