Bald Eagle #14-1905 Release Scheduled

Bald Eagle #14-1905 has remained bright and active during the past ten days at the Center. The staff has monitored the bird for signs of injury or illness, but nothing has been revealed through continued observation. Results from the laboratory samples have not yet been returned.

The eagle is flying well in the large A3 flight pen. On the morning of August 25, Dr. Dave McRuer observed eagle #14-1905 flying and determined that the bird is ready to return back to the wild!

The Center has scheduled the eagle’s release at Claytor Lake State Park on Thursday, August 28 at 11:00 a.m. The release is free and open to the public; those wishing to attend the release are asked to RSVP to Release attendees should plan on meeting at the park’s visitor’s center [the Howe House]. The address of the park is 6620 Ben H. Bolen Drive, Dublin, VA 24084.

The young Bald Eagle, likely a male, was banded on Tuesday, August 26.