American Beaver #23-0124 update

During the past three weeks, American Beaver #23-0124’s wounds have been steadily healing. Veterinary staff report that while his ability to walk and move using his hind limbs has improved during recent weeks and fewer instances of “knuckling” have been observed, physical conditioning is still needed. Rehabilitation staff offer the beaver fresh browse every day in addition to a “mush bowl” – a pureed combination of sweet potato, specially formulated rodent food, pumpkin, and fruit. Daily checks have confirmed that his wounds have remained clean, intact, and free of infection, and no longer need to be covered with bandages.

During veterinary rounds on March 30, Dr. Karra noted that an important aspect of this beaver’s full rehabilitation will be the regrowth of the dense, water-resistant fur covering the areas that were shaved upon admission for wound care and bandaging. For now, the beaver will remain in LMI enclosure and receive daily supportive care and physical conditioning.