American Beaver #23-0124 update

American Beaver #23-0124 has been doing well in the Center’s LMI enclosure during the past week and a half. Veterinary staff have been monitoring the wound on the beaver’s back each day, checking for signs of infection and necrosis, and changing his bandages as needed.

On March 5, Dr. Olivia noted that the overall size of the wound had decreased to about one-half of its original size and that the bandage could be removed. That same day, the beaver was anesthetized and veterinary staff sutured the wound closed after scrubbing and flushing the area. A temporary bandage was placed over the sutures, and the beaver recovered from anesthesia smoothly and uneventfully. For now, the beaver will remain in LMI under close observation.

On admission, veterinary staff noted weakness in his hind limbs and “knuckling”– walking on the knuckles instead of flat on the pad of the foot. Dr. Karra suspects this may be related to either the location of the wound and associated pain while moving, or an underlying neurologic issue. Slight improvement has been observed in his ability to walk and move throughout the outdoor enclosure, but further observation is needed to accurately assess the root cause. His prognosis remains guarded, as this species’ natural habitat can be difficult to emulate in a rehabilitative setting.