All About Buddy

An eaglet hatched at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in April 2008 created a worldwide following through its on-line appearances on "Eagle Cam." The young bird was admitted as a patient in May 2008 to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Known to the Wildlife Center staff as #08-0887, this young eagle was diagnosed with avian pox—a widespread viral disease in birds. Read more about Buddy's medical history.

In August 2009, the Wildlife Center veterinarians declared that 08-0887 was non-releasable, due to a permanently malformed beak as a result of a large avian pox lesion. In April 2010, 08-0887 officially became "Buddy"—a name already familiar to many of his loyal fans. The Wildlife Center also announced that Buddy will become a member of the Center’s corps of non-releasable education animals.

Happy Hatch-Day, Buddy!

Training Updates [2008-2016]

Learn About Buddy's Enclosure

Building Buddy's Enclosure [September 2011]

Time-lapse video of the construction of Buddy's enclosure

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