Species Name (EN): 
Virginia Opossum
Species Name (LA): 
Didelphis virginiana
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

Violet was found in the fall of 2020 with injuries to her toes and tail and was taken to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in southwest Virginia. The injuries were not life-threatening, though Violet was friendlier than expected for an opossum her age, raising some questions about what had happened prior to her rescue. While the young opossum's injuries healed, her missing digits and amputated tail would limit her climbing abilities. Center outreach staff began working with Violet in the fall of 2020, and she officially joined the outreach ambassador team in late December 2020. In January 2021, the staff held a naming poll, in which more than 900 people participated. Violet flowers are a beautiful deep purple, and this species of plant often inhabits many different habitats – from throughout the northern hemisphere to Hawaii to Australia.  Opossums are very versatile in their habitats as well, so this name pays homage to Violet's resilient species.

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