Species Name (EN): 
Woodland Box Turtle
Species Name (LA): 
Terrapene carolina
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

In June 2013, Sheldon was found at the Natural Chimney Park and Campground – her carapace [upper shell] was entirely painted in a variety of bright paints and fingernail polish. She also had an abscess on her back left leg. Over the course of several weeks, Center veterinarians were able to slowly and carefully remove the paint, and also treated her infected leg. By October, Sheldon was healthy and looking more like a box turtle, but staff were never able to determine how long the turtle was with the people who painted her and didn’t know from where Sheldon was taken. She was placed as an education animal at Natural Chimney Park and Campground. In 2019, the park was renovating their store area and transferred her back to the Wildlife Center to be an education turtle.

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