Species Name (EN): 
Red-tailed Hawk
Species Name (LA): 
Buteo jamaicensis
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

Rosalie was transferred to the Wildlife Center in July 2016 from another wildlife rehabilitator. Though Rosalie's full history is unknown, her records indicated that she was previously deemed non-releasable because of arthritis in her left hip. The veterinarians at the Wildlife Center also discovered a "false joint" in her right hip; her hip had luxated at some point and healed improperly, creating scar tissue around the joint and limiting movement of her right leg. Rosalie cannot be released into the wild and became an ambassador at the Wildlife Center in December 2016.

Rosalie was named after Rosalie Barrow Edge -- a suffragist and advocate for wildlife conservation. In 1934, Rosalie Edge founded the first preserve for birds of prey -- Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. She was known for her strong personality and fierce activism for birds of prey and other wildlife.



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