Species Name (EN): 
Virginia Opossum
Species Name (LA): 
Didelphis virginiana
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

Marigold was admitted to the Center as a patient in October 2020 after she was struck by a car in Middle River, Virginia.  Unfortunately, her eyes were damaged in the collision, which left her completely blind in her right eye and with limited vision in her left eye. Without adequate eyesight, Marigold would not be able to survive in the wild.  Center outreach staff began working with her in the fall of 2020 and determined that, despite her limited vision, she was able to navigate her enclosure and find her food. Marigold also responded well to training and became an official member of the outreach ambassador team in late December 2020. In January 2021, the staff held a naming poll, in which more than 900 people participated. The winning name, Marigold, is in honor of this opossum's sunny and bright disposition. Marigolds produce oils that can help deter pests, and similarly, opossums help to control pesky tick populations.

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