Species Name (EN): 
Peregrine Falcon
Species Name (LA): 
Falco peregrinus
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

Maggie hatched in the spring of 2014 – atop a building in downtown Richmond that was on the Richmond Falcon Cam. Two days after fledging from her nest, the young falcon crashed into a building, severely damaging her left eye and fracturing the tip of her beak. Wildlife Center veterinarians treated Maggie’s eye with medication for several weeks, but about a month after admission, the veterinary team had to surgically remove the damaged eye. With only one eye, Maggie cannot see well enough to be released back into the wild.

Maggie’s naming rights were auctioned off at the Center’s annual gala in November 2014. A group of secret schemers pooled their funds and won – and promptly gifted the naming rights to director of outreach Amanda Nicholson, one of Maggie’s trainers. Amanda chose to honor the falcon’s Richmond roots – after all, Peregrine Falcons are not all that common in Virginia, and the nesting Richmond falcons have contributed significantly to the Virginia population. Maggie is named in honor of Richmonder Maggie Walker [1867 – 1934], who was a well-known teacher, the first woman president of a bank, and advocate for people with disabilities.

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