Great Horned Owlet #17-0885

Admission Date: 
May 11, 2017
Location of Rescue: 
Northampton County
Cause of Admission / Condition: 
Separated from parents
Patient Status: 
Current Patient

On May 11, a Great Horned Owlet was transported to the Wildlife Center from a rehabillitator in Northampton County. The owlet is a healthy baby separated from its parents and is being introduced to Papa G'Ho, the Center's surrogate Great Horned Owl, who will teach the baby the necessary skills and behaviors to successfully grow up and be released. Papa is also caring for another owlet - #17-0363.

On May 12, owlet #17-0885 was moved to the outdoor flight pen where Papa G'Ho and owlet #17-0363 are currently housed; owlet #17-0885 remained in a crate for several days, allowing the owls to get comfortable with each other. The new owlet was then let out of the crate to be with Papa and owlet #17-0363 during the day and is put back into a crate at night with a meal to ensure the young bird gets enough to eat. Assistant Director of Vet Services Dr. Kelli reported seeing the owl family huddled together on top of a nest box in the enclosure on May 16. Soon, owlet #17-0885 will be out with the foster family full-time.

Your donation helps to provide for the specialized care for this owlet, as well as the 2,500 animals that are admitted to the Center annually.


June 22, 2017

Great Horned Owlets #17-0363, #17-0885, and #17-1135 are doing well; they are flying and eating consistently on their own.

As of June 21, Papa G'Ho and his three owlets are housed together in one of the outdoor flight pens. When an appropriate, larger enclosure becomes available (likely one of the "A-pens"), the rehabilitation staff will move the four birds; the larger space will give the growing family more room and space for the young birds to practice flying.

The family will remain together until the owlets are eventually separated for individual live-prey testing in preparation for a fall release.