Species Name (EN): 
Bald Eagle
Species Name (LA): 
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Patient Status: 
Educational Animal

This eagle hatched on April 27, 2008, at a nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Thousands of individuals around the world followed his life through “EagleCam” — a web-based camera — and soon noticed a lump developing on the side of the bird’s beak. In May 2008, the eagle was taken from his nest and admitted as a patient at the Wildlife Center. Lab tests revealed that the lesion on his beak was Avian Pox. Despite an all-out effort by Center veterinarians, the pox lesion caused a permanent misalignment in the bird’s beak, which will need to be trimmed periodically for the rest of the eagle’s life. In August 2009, the Norfolk Bald Eagle was declared non-releasable; in April 2010 he was officially named “Buddy”. Buddy is one of the Center's most famous education ambassadors and travels to programs and events around the state. He can also be seen on Critter Cam!

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