Black Bear cub #21-1427

Admission Date: 
May 25, 2021
Location of Rescue: 
Powhatan County, VA
Cause of Admission / Condition: 
Patient Status: 
Current Patient

On May 25, a female Black Bear cub was admitted from Powhatan County after her mother was hit and killed by a car. The cub was able to be captured and transported to the Wildlife Center later that same evening. 

Dr. Jenn, one of the Center's veterinary interns, examined the feisty cub to check for any issues or injuries. The cub was bright, alert, and feisty, weighing in at 5.32 kg, close in weight to the two larger female cubs already in the Center's care. The bear had no fractures or wounds, though had a severe tick infestation and was also missing her right pinna (outer ear). Dr. Jenn noted that the missing right pinna appears to be an old injury, and is not in need of treatment. 

A skin scraping revealed evidence of a bear-specific mite infestation, and the veterinary team treated the cub with an anti-parasitic medication and a topical tick spray. 

The bear was placed in a Zinger crate in the right half of the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure; the rehabilitation staff will offer the cub specialized bear formula once a day, along with other fruits, veggies, and seeds. The bear will need to stay in a Zinger away from the other cubs until an additional skin scrape is free from any mange mites. 

Your special donation will provide care to this young Black Bear cub ... and more than 3,700 other wild animals in need. Thank you! 

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