Black Bear cub #20-1118

Admission Date: 
May 20, 2020
Location of Rescue: 
Warren County, VA
Patient Status: 
Current Patient

On May 20, a male Black Bear cub was admitted to the Center from Warren County, Virginia. The cub had been seen in the area for about a week with no sign of a mother bear; the cub was trapped and DGIF transported the young bear to the Wildlife Center. 

Dr. Karra examined the cub and found him to be bright, alert, and very feisty -- though also very thin, dehydrated, and infested with ticks. The cub weighed just 2.3 kg and had an estimated body condition score of 1.5/5 [with 3/5 being normal, healthy body condition]. Radiographs, initial blood work, and a skin scrape were all within normal limits. 

Dr. Karra gave the bear fluids and placed identification tags in the bear's ears -- this bear is now sporting a Green Tag in the left ear and a Pink Tag in the right ear. The bear will live in a Zinger crate in an outdoor area until his tick infestation is under control, then he'll be introduced to the 17 cubs in the Large Mammal enclosure. Once he's in that space, he'll be on the Center's Critter Cam! 

Your donation will help provide care to this orphaned Black Bear cub ... and more than 3,000 other wild patients in need that will be admitted this year. Please help! 

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