Bald Eagle #22-0980

Admission Date: 
May 11, 2022
Location of Rescue: 
Louisa County, Virginia
Cause of Admission / Condition: 
Fell from nest
Patient Status: 
Current Patient

On May 11, two Bald Eaglets were admitted to the Wildlife Center from Lake Anna, Virginia. Both birds were found on the ground; while an adult eagle was seen flying in the area, both young birds appeared to be lethargic and possibly injured. A Louisa County animal control officer was able to contain both birds and transported them to the Center.

On admission, veterinary director Dr. Karra examined the birds. No injuries were found on the physical exams or radiographs. Both eaglets received fluids and were set up in the Center’s holding room for care and observation.

Blood work results indicated that one of the eaglets, Bald Eaglet #22-0979, had an infection; the veterinary team started this young bird on a course of antibiotics. In the days following admission, the young bird became progressively lethargic, likely due to the infection as well as possible internal trauma suffered when the bird fell from its nest. Sadly, the eaglet died on May 16. Bald Eaglet #22-0980 has remained bright and alert and has shown no signs of infection or trauma.

After two weeks of supportive care and careful observation, the staff moved Bald Eaglet #22-0980 outdoors to the A3 raptor tower on May 25. The eaglet is eating a mixture of chopped rats and fish. The eaglet will stay in the A3 tower area until it is old enough to start making short flights; at that point, the tower doors that open into the A3 flight enclosure will be opened to allow the bird to naturally fledge. 

Your donation will help provide veterinary care and rehabilitation to this young Bald Eagle ... and more than 3,800 patients that the Center will admit in 2022. 

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