Bald Eagle #20-3131

Admission Date: 
September 5, 2020
Location of Rescue: 
Halifax, VA
Patient Status: 
Current Patient

On September 5, an immature Bald Eagle was found unable to fly in a horse pasture in Halifax County.  The bird was admitted to Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center where it tested for slightly elevated levels of lead, and then transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  

Upon examination, Dr. Cameron was unable to find any significant injury to the bird, and confirmed that the lead level was "subclinical" at a level of 0.03 ppm.  The eagle also had a slow heart rate, potentially indicating an additional toxicity, though it may have also been due to anesthesia that was administered earlier in the day at Southwest. 

Dr. Cam administer a dose of atropine to stimulate the bird's heart, and also began a course of oral chelation therapy to remove the lead from the eagle's system. The staff will closely monitor the eagle this week to ensure that she is eating and that her heart rate is returning to a normal rate.

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September 24, 2020

In the week following admission, Bald Eagle #20-3131 showed improvement in her mentation and was moved to a C-pen on September 11.  The rehabilitation staff report that this bird is eating well; she often meets them at the door of the enclosure and is very eager for her food to be delivered.  Dr. Karra hopes to be able to move the bird to a larger enclosure soon to see how the bird flies.

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