Critter Cam Sponsor Calendar

A special thanks to all of our upcoming Critter Cam sponsors. Sponsors help the Center meet the costs of operating this web-based camera network.

April 23, 2019

  • Lydia

    Happy World Book Day! A good day to buy the Greta Book if you do not yet have it (or the Maggie one)

April 24, 2019

  • Ursa

    Welcome, Little One So sorry you're not with your Mom, but WCV's the next best home! Grow & prosper!

April 25, 2019

  • Melinda in NC

    Happy World Penguin Day!

April 26, 2019

  • Dawn in VB

    The magnificent Lady Legacy, HE, Camellia & HK; may they all fly in the rainbow thermals together.

April 27, 2019

  • Martha

    Happy 11th hatchday Buddy! Happy Birthday Jakermo grdsn, Pattie , Colin and me. Have a great day!!!

  • Lora Schweikert

    Happy 11th Hatch-day to handsome Buddy. You will always & forever have a special place in my heart.

April 28, 2019

  • Brenda McGinnis

    Happy Anniversary Steve 

April 29, 2019

  • Scott and Dianne Hanna

    Happy 3rd birthday to our kitty Buddy. Thank you WCV for all you do.

April 30, 2019

  • Brenda from Virginia

    Best wishes, Brie, as you move on to the next phase of your life. Thank you for your excellent work.

May 1, 2019

  • The Birthday Squirrel

    Did April showers bring Congowings May flowers for her MAY birthday? MAY-be? If not, Happy Bird-Day!

May 8, 2019

  • Becky in SoCal

    Happy 80th Birthday to my hubby, Randy. He loves critters as much as I do so we are a good match.

May 12, 2019

  • Gray & Sharon Puryear

    In honor of Congowings, "Mother" to all Critters Great & Small. 

May 15, 2019

  • Tory, Todd, Tyson

    Happy Birthday Janet Boffo!

May 22, 2019

  • Linda H Wilson

    In honor of my beloved Mom who shared her home with an eagle's nest Such joy they gave her!

May 23, 2019

  • Dawn in VB

    Happy World Turtles Day to Wilson & Emma & the wild turtles ready to be released from WCV!

May 24, 2019

  • Donna Eisenman

    ♥♥ HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY SIR BUTTERCUP ♥♥ ...Most Famous Black Vulture in the World...

June 1, 2019

  • The Birthday Squirrel

    Marilyn&Angelina were born in June. Maybe our celebrated mod CW, too? Wishing her the best in case!

June 4, 2019

  • Gray & Sharon Puryear

    Happy Birthday to Ed Clark, Friend of Creatures Great & Small

June 5, 2019

  • Gray & Sharon Puryear

    Celebrating our 48th Wedding Anniversary!

June 15, 2019

  • Marilyn Morgan

    I love celebrating my Birthday even if it is on a Saturday!!! I want to include Alex the owl.