Critter Corner

November 30, 2021

In August, Dr. Karra made the official decision that Eastern Screech-Owl #21-0509 was non-releasable due to permanent neurologic deficits.

November 24, 2021

During the month of October, opossum #21-3141 received two more courses of chelation therapy to remove the lead in his system. A repeat lead test performed on October 31 came back positive for lead, though the result of 0.034 ppm indicated a much lower subclinical level.

November 23, 2021

During the past three weeks, Center staff have been closely observing Bald Eagle #21-3026. While the imping procedure completed on October 26 was successful, both the veterinary and rehabilitation staff have confirmed that all three donor feathers have since fallen out or have been chewed off.

Eagle Tracking

The goal of the Center is “to treat to release” – to restore patients to health and return as many as possible to the wild.  In rare instances, the Center has the opportunity to track eagles after their release. Click here to follow these former eagle patients.

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