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Critter Cam: Red-shouldered Hawk

PATIENT: Red-shouldered Hawk, #11-2633 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Albemarle County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Hit by car ADMISSION DATE: December 4, 2011

Richmond Merlin

PATIENT:  Merlin, #11-2660 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Richmond, Virginia INJURY:   Fractured wing ADMISSION DATE:  December 16, 2011 OUTCOME:  Euthanized December 28, 2011

Lost Loon Led to the Wildlife Center

PATIENT:  Common Loon, #11-2641 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Rockingham County, Virginia CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Trapped on a pond ADMISSION DATE:  December 9, 2011 OUTCOME:  Died December 21, 2011

Holiday Songbirds

Throughout the fall and winter, the majority of patient admissions at the Wildlife Center of Virginia is made up of avian species.  While most of the “better known” patients are raptors, the veterinary team provides the same attention and care to all of its patients—large or small.  These three passerines (songbirds) are currently receiving treatment at the Wildlife Center:

Gunshot Gray-eyed Great Horned Owl

PATIENT: Great Horned Owl, #11-2545 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Augusta County, Virginia INJURY: Gunshot ADMISSION DATE: October 22, 2011 OUTCOME:  Released December 31, 2011

The Critter Cam Welcomes #11-2361

PATIENT: Red-tailed Hawk, #11-2361 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Floyd County, Virginia INJURY:  Coracoid fracture ADMISSION DATE:  September 11, 2011 OUTCOME:  Euthanized on January 17, 2012

Suffolk Bear Cub

PATIENTS:  Black Bear, #11-2532 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Suffolk, Virginia CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Orphaned

King George County Bald Eagle

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #11-2481 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  King George County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Suspect organophosphate toxicity  ADMISSION DATE: October 4, 2011

Northumberland County Bald Eagle

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #11-2471 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Northumberland County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Suspect hit by car ADMISSION DATE: October 3, 2011

Pied-billed Grebe

PATIENT: Pied-billed Grebe, #11-2431 LOCATION OF RESCUE: Montgomery County, Virginia INJURY:  Superficial keel wounds ADMISSION DATE: September 24, 2011 OUTCOME: Died October 13, 2011


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