Archive Patients

Dulles Airport Bald Eagle

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #10-2143 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Dulles International Airport, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Struck by plane? ADMISSION DATE:  October 25 OUTCOME:  Euthanized December 3, 2010 

New Hawk on the Block

PATIENT:  Broad-winged Hawk, #10-1371 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Grayson County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Found on ground, unable to fly ADMISSION DATE:  June 30, 2010 PROGNOSIS:  Non-releasable

Peregrine Falcon Admitted to Wildlife Center

PATIENT:  Peregrine Falcon, #10-2118 LOCATION:  Richmond, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   On ground, unable to fly ADMISSION DATE:  October 12, 2010 OUTCOME:  Euthanized January 31, 2012 

A Wildlife Center First?

PATIENT:  Gadwall, #10-2088 LOCATION:  Highland County,Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Unable to walk ADMISSION DATE:  October 5

Great Horned Owl Rescue

PATIENT:  Great Horned Owl, #10-2051 LOCATION:  Bedford County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Trapped in chimney for two weeks ADMISSION DATE:  September 28 PROGNOSIS:  Non-releasable

Painted Turtle Is Off the Hook

PATIENT:  Eastern Painted Turtle, #10-2041 LOCATION:  Rawley Springs, Rockingham County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Ingested a fish hook ADMISSION DATE:  September 25 PROGNOSIS:  Released on October 8

Sora Release

PATIENT:  Sora, #10-1877 LOCATION:  Augusta County, Virginia INJURYFractured left scapula and coracoid

Hummingbird Takes Flight

PATIENT:  Ruby-throated Hummingbird, #10-2013 LOCATION:  Stuarts Draft, Augusta County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Covered in pine sap ADMISSION DATE:  September 18 PROGNOSIS:  Released, September 20

WCV Admits 2000th patient of 2010

PATIENT:  Eastern Grey Squirrel, #10-2000 LOCATION:  Nelson County, VA CAUSE OF ADMISSIONTree was cut down

An Unexpected Visitor: Update

PATIENT:  Virginia Opossum, #10-1847 LOCATION:  Staunton, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSIONFound in closet