Archive Patients

Bald Eagle #18-0086

On February 15, a private citizen was walking to work when she saw a Bald Eagle fall from a tree near Stratford Hall in Westmoreland County. The bird hopped around on the ground but was unable to fly; a conservation police officer was able to capture the bird and took it to a wildlife rehabilitator before the eagle was transferred to the Wildlife Center. An employee at Stratford Hall mentioned that she heard an eagle the night before, possibly fighting with another eagle.

Bald Eagle #18-0130

On March 5, an adult Bald Eagle was found hobbling and stumbling on the ground at Jamestown Island. The bird was rescued and taken to a local veterinary clinic for initial treatment. The following day, the eagle was transferred to the Wildlife Center.

Carolina Wrens #18-0049 and 18-0050

On January 23, a business owner found two Carolina Wrens stuck in a glue trap that had been placed for rats; the wrens were unintended victims, which can often happen when using glue traps for pest control. The rescuer removed the wrens from the trap and immediately brought them to the Wildlife Center.

Bobcat #17-2688

On Thanksgiving Day, a woman was driving from Gloucester County, Virginia to work in Richmond when she hit a bobcat that was running across the road. The woman called Richmond Animal Care and Control for help when she realized the adult bobcat was stuck in the grill of her car!

Bald Eagle #14-1955 [NC99]

On August 20, a young, male Bald Eagle was hit by a vehicle in Pendleton County, West Virginia. The eagle’s rescuer found the bird on the side of the road and called the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. The eagle was transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia later that day.

NBG Bald Eagle NX

PATIENT: Bald Eagle, #11-0475 [NX]
LOCATION OF RESCUE: Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, Virginia
ADMISSION DATE: April 27, 2011

King and Queen County Bald Eagle II

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1714
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  King and Queen County, Virginia
CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Wing caught in netting
ADMISSION DATE:  July 15, 2011

Hampton Bald Eagle

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1235
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Hampton, Virginia
CONDITION:  Emaciated
ADMISSION DATE:  June 9, 2011

Virginia Beach Bald Eagle

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1234
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Virginia Beach, Virginia  
CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Unable to fly

Maryland Eaglet

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1170
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Fort Washington, MD  
ADMISSION DATE:  June 5, 2011