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Maryland Eaglet

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1170
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Fort Washington, MD  
ADMISSION DATE:  June 5, 2011

Highland County Bald Eagle

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #10-2210
LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Highland County
CAUSE OF ADMISSION:   Wing injury -- gunshot
ADMISSION DATE:  November 15, 2010
OUTCOME:  Euthanized


Species Name (EN):
Virginia Opossum
Species Name (LA):
Didelphis virginiana

Delphine came to the Wildlife Center in March 2016 when she was found injured on the side of South Delphine, the road where the Wildlife Center is located!

Bald Eagle #16-0038

On February 1, a mature Bald Eagle was found down on the ground in Stafford, Virginia. The bird was picked up by an animal control officer and taken to a local veterinary clinic before it was transferred to a permitted rehabilitator in the area. On February 2, the Bald Eagle was driven to the Wildlife Center of Virginia by a dedicated volunteer transporter.

Bald Eagle #18-0059

On the evening of January 28, a juvenile Bald Eagle was found on the road in Highland County. A Wildlife Center transporter was the one who initially spotted the eagle on the road; several more people stopped to help, including a co-worker of Wildlife Center board member [and IT guru] Kurt Plowman. Kurt rode along to transport the eagle to the Center that same evening.

Bald Eagle #18-0046

On the evening of January 22, the Wildlife Center admitted a sub-adult Bald Eagle from Surry County, Virginia. The eagle was found down on the ground, unable to fly, and was rescued by animal control officers.

Eastern Ratsnake #17-2722

In early December, a private citizen found a wounded Eastern Ratsnake in her basement. She believed the snake’s wound wasn’t significant and released the snake into her barn. A week later, she discovered the snake again and the wound looked worse; on December 11, she brought the snake to the Wildlife Center for care.

Fauquier County Bald Eagle

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #11-2673

LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Fauquier County, Virginia

CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Found unable to fly

ADMISSION DATE:  December 29, 2011

Red-tailed Hawk Releases

This winter the Wildlife Center has admitted many Red-tailed Hawks from across Virginia.   After weeks/months of treatment and care, many of these hawks are being  cleared for release by the Center veterinary staff.  Hawks in this "Red-tailed Round-up" include:

Golden Eagle #18-0001

On December 29, a private citizen in Smyth County found a Golden Eagle down in a cow pasture, unable to fly. The eagle was easily captured and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator, who took the eagle to a local animal hospital for radiographs. The bird was then taken to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke for treatment of a severe wing laceration; the eagle came to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on January 1 and was admitted as 18-0001 – the first patient of 2018!