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Black Bear #16-0173

On March 22, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) workers found a small injured Black Bear on the side of the road in Mt. Solon, Virginia. VDOT contacted the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) biologists, who captured the bear and transported him to the Wildlife Center on March 23.

Black Bear #15-0427

On April 26, an animal control officer found a Black Bear cub in the middle of the road in Loudoun County. The bear was bright and alert and vocalizing; there was no sign of a sow nearby. The female cub was taken to a small-animal clinic, where a veterinarian examined her and found her to be dehydrated. The cub also had what appeared to be an underdeveloped right eye and a heart murmur. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was contacted, and the cub was transported to the Wildlife Center the following morning.

Black Bear #14-0973

On the evening of May 29, a Black Bear yearling was seen foraging in a field in Rappahannock County, Virginia. About a half an hour later, someone spotted the bear in a ditch beside the road – likely after it was hit by a vehicle.

Black Bear #14-0364

A thin, lethargic Black Bear yearling was seen in Cumberland County during the week of April 20 – the bear was hanging around a subdivision for several days. On April 22, the bear was stumbling down a road; a DGIF biologist responded to the scene and was able to capture the bear easily. The yearling was admitted to the Wildlife Center on April 23 as patient #14-0364.

Black Bear #14-0145

On March 7, a landowner in Madison saw a small bear in his cow pasture – and realized that the bear was being attacked by cows. He intervened, and was able to safely contain the injured bear. The bear was transported to the Wildlife Center later that evening.

Black Bear Cub #13-2484

On October 3, a Black Bear cub was admitted to the Wildlife Center as patient #13-2484. The injured cub was found in the middle of a field in Rockingham County showing signs of distress. During the initial assessment at the Center, the cub was alert and vocal, but panting heavily. The female cub weighed in at 5.2 kilograms – approximately 11.5 pounds. A physical exam revealed a laceration and a fracture of the left forelimb, and Dr. Kristin, the Center’s veterinary intern, was able to diagnose  free fluid in the abdomen through the use of the Center’s ultrasound machine. Dr.

Black Bear cub #13-2454

On the afternoon of September 26, a man driving on Interstate 64 in Waynesboro saw a small cub lying by the side of the road. He stopped and managed to scoop the injured bear into a milk crate in his truck, and brought it to the Wildlife Center within minutes.

Black Bear #12-2049

On August 22, a Black Bear yearling was found on a homeowner’s property in Rockbridge County, Virginia. The homeowner noted that the bear kept falling down when trying to climb a tree – and then laid on the ground. A DGIF biologist responded to the call about the bear, and was able to easily tranquilize the bear that same evening.

Bald Eaglet #11-0475 [NX]

On April 27, three young Bald Eagles were admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia from the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Already well-known in the eagle cam community, the three eaglets continued growing up on cam at the Wildlife Center.  [The complete history of these three birds' lives at the Center, including updates, photos, and videos, can be found here.]

Bald Eagle #23-0022

On January 8, an adult Bald Eagle was found injured on the ground near a roadway in Henrico County after likely being hit by a vehicle. A Henrico County Animal Control officer responded to the scene that day, safely contained the bird, and arranged for transport to the Wildlife Center of Virginia through a registered volunteer transporter on January 9.


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