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Black Bear yearling #20-0249

On the afternoon of March 22, the Wildlife Center admitted another male yearling Black Bear. A park ranger found the bear at James River State Park in Buckingham County; the bear was lying in a ditch and appeared to be extremely weak. A DGIF biologist responded to the scene to capture the bear and transport him to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. 

Bald Eagle #19-1068

On May 23, the Wildlife Center admitted a Bald Eagle from Giles County, Virginia. The bird was found down in a landfill by an animal control officer and was taken to Virginia Tech. The ACO and clinicians at Virginia Tech suspected that the bird ingested a toxin at the landfill; they were able to stabilize the bird before sending it to the Center later that afternoon.

Bald Eagle #19-0761

On May 4, a fledgling Bald Eagle fell to the ground in Bland County, Virginia, after the young bird’s nest was destroyed by natural causes the previous night. A Conservation Police Officer rescued and transported the eagle to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke, where it was stabilized before being transferred to the Wildlife Center on May 5 and admitted as patient #19-0761.

Osprey #19-0430

On April 15, an adult Osprey was rescued by a VGDIF Conservation Police Officer after the bird collided with a tree in Gloucester County and was unable to fly. A nearby permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility assessed and stabilized the Osprey, and the bird was transported to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Great Horned Owlet #19-0148

On March 13, the Wildlife Center admitted hatchling Great Horned Owl #19-0148 from Chesterfield County. The owl was found by Chesterfield County Animal Control after the young bird fell from the nest and was then taken to a nearby veterinary hospital for initial assessment before being transferred to the Wildlife Center for continued care.

Eastern Ratsnake #19-0155

On March 11, a private citizen in Roanoke found an Eastern Ratsnake entangled in fishing net and took the snake to a local wildlife rehabilitation center for assessment. On March 14, the patient was transferred to the Wildlife Center for continued care .

Red-tailed Hawk #19-0062

On the afternoon of January 27, a citizen in Nelson County found an immature Red-tailed Hawk in his back yard; he suspected that the neighbor’s dog had attacked the bird. The following morning, he transported the hawk to the Center, where it was admitted as patient #19-0062.

Bald Eagle #19-0031

On January 15, an adult female Bald Eagle was rescued by a Newport News Parks and Recreation ranger after the bird was hit by a car. After a veterinary clinic in Yorktown assessed and stabilized the eagle, a volunteer transported the bird to the Wildlife Center.

Bald Eagle #18-3087

On the morning of November 26, staff at Peninsula Memorial Park in Newport News reported seeing a Bald Eagle on the ground, unable to fly.  Local permitted rehabilitators responded, and with the assistance of staff, located the bird in a wooded area of the memorial park.  The eagle was quickly caught.  A field exam revealed a broken left humerus with along with swelling in the left shoulder and mild dehydration.  The bird’s wing was wrapped and a small amount of oral fluids were provided prior to the eagle being transported the Wildlife Center for further care.

Great Horned Owl #18-2952

On October 19, a Great Horned Owl was admitted to the Wildlife Center from Bedford County, Virginia. The owl was initially found by the side of the road on October 5 and was taken to a local veterinary clinic. The owl was given medication and was fed venison and rabbit for about 12 days before it was transferred to a local permitted wildlife rehabilitator.


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