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Bald Eagle #11-1234 [KS]

On June 4, a young Bald Eagle was spotted on the ground in a Virginia Beach neighborhood.  Permitted rehabilitator Lisa Barlow rescued the bird -- she examined it but couldn't find any injuries.  The following day, a release attempt was made -- but the young eagle didn't fly very well.  The bird was recaptured and, at the direction of VDGIF, brought to the Wildlife Center on June 9.  Prior to the release attempt, biologists at the Center for Conservation Biology banded the bird [band letters are KS].  They also took measurements and determined that the young eagle is a female.

Golden Eagle #23-0116

On February 13, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources biologists were conducting a field research and banding project on Golden Eagles in Bath County. One of the eagles encountered during the project had a large, abnormal mass on the left side of its beak. A DWR biologist safely captured the eagle, and the bird was transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia later that same day.

Virginia Opossum #22-3694

On December 28, a resident in Wintergreen Resort, Virginia was startled by commotion inside their grill after turning it on. They immediately turned the grill off and opened it up to look inside. To their surprise, an adult opossum was hiding under the grate! The opossum had been using the grill for shelter and was injured when it started to heat up. After contacting Center staff, the citizen contained the opossum inside the grill and brought the entire grill to the Center, where staff safely removed the opossum.

Virginia Opossum #22-3692

In late December, a private citizen in Harrisonburg, Virginia saw an adult male Virginia Opossum displaying erratic behavior, along with blood on his face. An animal control officer set a live trap and brought the opossum to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on December 28, 2022. Upon examination, Dr. Olivia, one of the Center’s veterinary interns, found a laceration on the opossum’s ear. Veterinary Technician Rachel drew blood from the injured opossum and ran a lead test, which came back positive, with high levels of lead.

Black Bear cub #20-3643

On December 2, a Black Bear cub was found on the side of the road in Augusta County, unable to move. The bear was admitted to the Wildlife Center that same evening. 

Bald Eagle #20-3608

On November 20, an officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service discovered an injured Bald Eagle in the woods in Accomack County. The eagle was captured by a local permitted wildlife rehabilitator, and taken to an animal hospital for radiographs, which revealed a closed left humeral fracture. 

Red-tailed Hawk #20-1294

Red-tailed Hawk #20-1294 was found down on the ground in Staunton, Virginia, at the end of May 2020. The bird was unable to fly, and a rescuer was able to safely contain the bird and transport it to the Wildlife Center. 

Bald Eagle 20-2251

On July 2, a juvenile Bald Eagle was found after it reportedly flew into a window and crash landed in Portsmouth, Virginia. Animal Control was able to contain the eagle, and took it to Nature's Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation for initial treatment. The following day, the eagle was transported to the Wildlife Center. 

Bald Eagle #20-0798

On May 4, the Center admitted a young Bald Eagle from Middlesex County. The bird was seen in a field for two days, without any evidence of parents coming to feed it; the bird was taken to Nature's Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation and was transferred to the Wildlife Center two days later. 

Northern Black Racer #20-0271

On March 26,  a private citizen brought a Northern Black Racer to the Wildlife Center after finding it entangled in landscape netting. Senior veterinarian intern Dr. Karra was able to safely and quickly cut away the netting, which was tightly bound around the upper portion of the racer’s body. 


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