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Bald Eagle #18-0132

On March 5, a private citizen from the Charlottesville area noticed a Bald Eagle with a drooping wing on the ground near a road. The incident was reported to local Animal Control Officers, who then contacted a Wildlife Center volunteer transporter. The eagle was rescued on March 6 and admitted to the Center later that day.

Eastern Ratsnake #18-1352

On June 7, a farmer in Augusta County found an adult Eastern Ratsnake in a chicken coop, and noticed that two “dummy” ceramic eggs were missing from the coop; ceramic eggs are commonly used to encourage chickens to lay eggs in specific nest boxes. The farmer suspected that the snake had ingested the artificial eggs by mistake and brought the snake to the Center the following day.

Bald Eagle #18-2001

On July 14, an adult Bald Eagle was admitted to the Wildlife Center from Lake Anna in Louisa County. The bird reportedly fell from a tree; the eagle was initially taken to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator, who then transferred the bird to the Wildlife Center.

Hooded Merganser #18-0742

On May 9, a homeowner in Rockingham County saw a hawk flying over her backyard – with a duckling in its talons. The hawk dropped the young chick as it flew over the backyard and the homeowner was able to rescue the ducking. The bird was admitted to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Woodland Box Turtle #18-1182

On May 28 in Hopewell, Virginia, female Woodland Box Turtle #18-1182 was found with an injury to her front right leg. The turtle was brought to a nearby veterinarian for initial treatment and was transferred to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Following an initial examination, the veterinary staff classified the leg injury as a degloving wound – the turtle’s skin had been completely removed from the underlying tissue. The wound was so severe that the Center’s veterinary staff determined that the leg would need to be amputated.

Bald Eagle #18-0752 [RR53]

On May 10, an adult female Bald Eagle was found down on the ground in Richmond County. The bird was unable to fly and had blood coming from her mouth; she was captured and taken to a permitted wildlife rehabilitator. The following day, the eagle was transported to the Wildlife Center.

Snapping Turtle #18-0557

On the afternoon of April 28, front-desk coordinator Maggie received a phone call about an injured Snapping Turtle in Albemarle County. The large injured turtle was in a ditch near the road; the caller was unable to assist it. Maggie stopped by the location on her way home from work and was able to successfully contain the turtle; she admitted it to the Center the following day.

Bald Eagle #18-0223

On March 29, an officer with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries picked up and transported a mature Bald Eagle that was found in Essex County. The eagle was down on the ground, and likely had been in a fight with another eagle.

Black Bear yearling #18-0624

On May 2, a male yearling Black Bear was admitted to the Center from Alleghany County. The bear had been seen wandering around for several days; he appeared weak and lethargic.

Black Bear yearling #18-1120

On May 26, a Black Bear was admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. A homeowner in Rockingham County had seen the bear in a tree for two days; the citizen thought that the bear was a cub and called the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. A biologist responded to the scene and found that the bear was an injured yearling; he was able to dart and capture the bear.