Archive Patients

Bald Eagle #19-0761

On May 4, a fledgling Bald Eagle fell to the ground in Bland County, Virginia, after the young bird’s nest was destroyed by natural causes the previous night. A Conservation Police Officer rescued and transported the eagle to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke, where it was stabilized before being transferred to the Wildlife Center on May 5 and admitted as patient #19-0761.

Woodchuck #19-0791

On May 7, an adult Woodchuck was found swimming in a containment pond at a sanitation product manufacturer in Harrisonburg. The water contained chemical runoff production and the woodchuck was unable to get out of the pond. A Harrisonburg Animal Control officer responded to the scene and was able to safely extract the woodchuck and brought him to the Wildlife Center.

Black Bear cubs of 2018

In April 2018, the Wildlife Center began admitting this year's bear cubs from locations throughout Virginia. These bears were likely born between early January to mid-February of 2018. In most cases, the cubs were separated from their mothers or were orphaned. 

Bear cubs will be cared for by the Wildlife Center until next spring, at the time when they would begin naturally dispersing from their mothers. The 2018 cubs will be released in the spring of 2019.

Osprey #19-0430

On April 15, an adult Osprey was rescued by a VGDIF Conservation Police Officer after the bird collided with a tree in Gloucester County and was unable to fly. A nearby permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility assessed and stabilized the Osprey, and the bird was transported to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Bobcat #17-2688

On Thanksgiving Day, a woman was driving from Gloucester County, Virginia to work in Richmond when she hit a bobcat that was running across the road. The woman called Richmond Animal Care and Control for help when she realized the adult bobcat was stuck in the grille of her car!

Barred Owl #19-0022

On January 4, an adult Barred Owl was hit by a truck in Tazewell County, Virginia. The bird was taken to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke where it was stabilized before it was transferred to the Wildlife Center on January 10 and admitted as patient #19-0022.

Virginia Opossum #16-0101 [Delphine]

On Friday March 11, the Wildlife Center got a call about an injured Virginia Opossum that was seen on the road less than a quarter mile from the Center. Outreach coordinator Chapin volunteered to scope out the situation and rescue the opossum if necessary.

Chapin found the opossum on the side of the road near the driveway of the Center’s neighbor. The opossum was quiet but alert with blood on her head. Chapin put on thick gloves and used a towel to cover the opossum before placing the injured animal in a crate.

Bald Eaglet #19-0207

On March 26, the Wildlife Center admitted nestling Bald Eaglet #19-0207. The eaglet fell from a known eagle nest on a property in Campbell County and was caught by the property owner’s dog on March 24. The owners were familiar with the nest (located roughly 150 feet up in a tree) and knew the eaglet’s parents were active at the nest site this season. Re-nesting was not a simple option, and because of the long fall from the nest, the eaglet needed to be examined for injuries.

Snake Egg Surgery 2010

An unintended consequence ...
PATIENT:  Eastern Ratsnake, #10-1604
LOCATION:  Hurt, Virginia

Eastern Ratsnake #19-0155

On March 11, a private citizen in Roanoke found an Eastern Ratsnake entangled in fishing net and took the snake to a local wildlife rehabilitation center for assessment. On March 14, the patient was transferred to the Wildlife Center for continued care .