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Black Bear cub #20-1808 [Orange/Yellow Tags]

On June 18, a young female Black Bear cub was admitted to the Center from Shenandoah County. The cub was reportedly hit by a vehicle on June 16; a rescuer saw the cub and brought the young bear into her house before calling the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. A DGIF officer retrieved the cub the following day and brought the bear to the Center on June 18. 

Black Bear cubs #20-0965, 0966, and 0967

On May 13, three more Black Bear cubs arrived at the Wildlife Center of Virginia! The cubs were found in Luray on May 12; the finder heard the cubs crying in a field behind a house. The bears were gathered and placed in a box for the night outside to see if the mother bear would come back for them, but sadly there was no sign of the sow by the next morning. DGIF instructed the finder to bring the cubs to the Wildlife Center. 

Black Bear cubs #20-0468, #20-0469, and #20-0470

At about 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 11, a Black Bear sow was hit and killed by a truck on I-64 in Rockbridge County. There were three cubs with her,  and the trucker called the state police. The cubs climbed about 50-60 feet up a nearby tree. 

Black Bear cub #20-3609

On Friday, November 20, a private citizen observed an underweight, weak Black Bear cub in Greene County. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources placed a humane trap in the area, successfully capturing the bear on Saturday, November 21. The cub was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia that same day.

Black Bear cub #20-3590

On the evening of November 15, a Black Bear cub was admitted to the Wildlife Center. The bear was found stumbling in the middle of a road in Nelson County, before collapsing on the road. The bear's rescuer picked it up and put it in the trunk of his car and took it to the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary. The bear was transferred to the Wildlife Center that same day. 

Black Bear cub #20-1694 [Double Orange Tags]

On June 12, a male Black Bear cub was admitted from Rockbridge County. The bear had been seen wandering around a barn for several days with no sign of a sow; the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries was contacted and the decision was made to rescue the bear cub and bring him to the Wildlife Center. 

Black Bear cub #20-1118 [Green/Pink Tags]

On May 20, a male Black Bear cub was admitted to the Center from Warren County, Virginia. The cub had been seen in the area for about a week with no sign of a mother bear; the cub was trapped and DGIF transported the young bear to the Wildlife Center. 

Black Bear cub #20-0698 [Double Green Tags]

On April 28, another Black Bear cub was admitted to the Wildlife Center -- taking the current cub count up to 13! The female cub was found alone and crying in Dickenson County on April 24; a private citizen took the cub home and fed it evaporated milk throughout the weekend. On Monday, April 27, the cub was taken first to a local veterinary clinic and then transferred to Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke. 

Bald Eagle #21-0161

On the evening of February 16, a member of the public found a Bald Eagle on the ground in their yard in Troutville, VA. After determining the bird was unable to fly, so they contacted the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center, a permitted local wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center. One of their staff members was able to capture the eagle and bring it back to their facility later that night. On arrival, their veterinary staff examined it and discovered that it had a fracture of the ulna in its right wing.

Great Blue Heron #20-3543

On November 2, a Great Blue Heron was found tangled in fishing line that was dangling from a tree in Madison, Virginia.  An Albemarle County Animal Control officer removed the fishing line before capturing the bird and transporting it to the Center. 


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