WCV Admits 2000th patient of 2010

PATIENT:  Eastern Grey Squirrel, #10-2000 LOCATION:  Nelson County, VA CAUSE OF ADMISSIONTree was cut down ADMISSION DATE:  September 15 PROGNOSISCandidate for release November 2010 On September 15th, the Wildlife Center of Virginia received its 2000th patient for the year--along with patients 2001 and 2002.  These three orphaned grey squirrels were admitted after the tree they were nesting in was cut down.  They were unable to be reunited with their mother.   Grey Squirrel 10-2000 and his two sisters were mildly dehydrated, but otherwise were found to be in good health.  The rehabilitation staff and preceptorship students will start with hand-feeding the squirrels three times a day and regularly checking the squirrels' weights to plan the weaning schedule.  The trio will be released later this fall. Grey squirrels typically nest twice each year, in early spring and in late summer--and this late summer season has been a particularly "squirrelly" one for the staff of the WCV.  Since the start of the season in mid-July, the veterinary department has cared for more than 100 young grey squirrels.  While squirrel admissions are finally starting to slow down, at the busiest point, about 60 young squirrels were housed in the Center's "ICU"--which at this time of year, serves as the "orphan room."  These young charges were fed anywhere from one to  six times a day.  Fortunately, there are "only" about 45 young squirrels to hand feed right now. Remember, if you find a baby squirrel, sometimes they can be reunited with their mother, which gives them the best chance of survival.   At the Wildlife Center, we treat to release.  Your donation will help support the Center’s life-saving work with about 2,500 wild animals in need.   

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