An Unexpected Visitor

PATIENT:  Virginia Opossum, #10-1847 LOCATION:  Staunton, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSIONFound in closet ADMISSION DATE:  August 23 PROGNOSISCandidate for release within a month On the morning of August 23, a Staunton resident received an unexpected visitor in her bedroom:  a young Virginia Opossum.   Somehow separated from her mother, this little opossum made her way to the bedroom to find her breakfast.  More details on the rescue of the opossum can be found here.    Virginia Opossum #10-1847 is nearly old enough to be on her own, but should still be with her mother, riding around on her back and enjoying the parental protection.  Several days after admission, when the rehabilitation staff confirmed that the opossum was eating well and already starting to gain weight, she moved to an outdoor cage at the Wildlife Center.  The opossum will likely be at the Center for the next 2-3 weeks and then will be released in Staunton.     If you find a young animal and are unsure if it needs assistance, please visit our "I Need Rescue Advice!" section of our website or call 540.942.9453.  There's no charge to bring an animal to the Wildlife Center for treatment and care.  We rely on the generosity of caring individuals.  Your donation will help support the Center’s life-saving work with about 2,500 wild animals in need. 

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