Tracking BI20

On August 20, 2016, a female Bald Eagle was released at Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster County, Virginia. The mature eagle was rescued from the side of the road in Richmond County in July 2016. Read more about the eagle’s history and rehabilitation here. Prior to release, the eagle was fitted with a GPS transmitter.

At the Center, the eagle was known as #16-1474 – the 1474th patient admitted to the Center in 2016. Now, the eagle will be known as BI20. “BI” represents Belle Isle, where the eagle was released. The numbers are the last two digits on the transmitter that the eagle is wearing. Each transmitter has a five-digit number written on the side of it in permanent black marker so that the eagle could possibly be identified at a distance.

December 2016 update:  BI20 has not yet checked in since October 1; at that point, the bird was actively flying and was not in a particularly concerning location. We consulted with a CTT transmitter specialist; he is unsure why the device went from transmitting daily to no transmissions for two months. As of mid-December, the battery voltage is slightly low, though this has not been an issue throughout the fall. We'll wait to see if we hear from this bird again.

October 1: Bald Eagle BI20 spent the rest of September along the coast of Ophelia, exploring the banks of the Potomac River. As of October 14, the eagle has not checked in since the start of the month. The bird's battery appears to be somewhat low on charge.

September 27:  BI20 flew north through Northumberland County this past weekend, before heading east along the coast, where the Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The eagle is now about a mile east of the town of Ophelia.

September 22:  This week, it's back to the Great Wicomico River. BI20 has been exploring a four-mile stretch of the river that empties into the Potomac.

September 14:  During the past five days, BI20 flew about 41 miles, from Northumberland County over the Rappahannock River. The eagle is now in Middlesex County, right across the river from her release location at Belle Isle State Park.

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