Snake Egg Surgery 2010

An unintended consequence ...
PATIENT:  Eastern Ratsnake, #10-1604
LOCATION:  Hurt, Virginia
INJURYSwallowed wooden egg
PROGNOSISReleased, August 3

On July 20, an Eastern Ratsnake was found in Hurt, Virginia [Pittsylvania County] that had swallowed a wooden egg -- an egg 'decoy' left in a nest to encourage a chicken to roost there.  The snake was first examined by Dr. Lori Leonard of Concord Veterinary Services and then brought up to the Wildlife Center.  The Center veterinary team, led by Dr. Miranda Sadar, took the snake into surgery and, in a 79-minute procedure, successfully removed the egg.                     

Right after surgery the snake was taken to the "Hot Dog Warmer" -- a new piece of equipment purchased through the generosity of a wildlife enthusiast; the snake regained consciousness much more quickly.          

The snake was treated with fluids, pain medications, and anti-inflammatories and on July 28 received its first post-surgery food and water. On August 3, the snake was given a final exam by the Center's veterinary staff and cleared for release.  The individual who originally rescued the snake came up to the Center and returned it to its home territory for release.  

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