Highland County Bald Eagle

PATIENT:   Bald Eagle, #10-1887 RESCUE LOCATION:  McDowell, Virginia CONDITIONNot flying, listless ADMISSION DATE:  August 28 PROGNOSISDied during transport On August 28 the Center received a call about an adult Bald Eagle that was spotted sitting on a log in the Bullpasture River near McDowell in Highland County, Virginia.  The bird appeared listless and was not flying.  Madis Leivits, the Center’s Intern for Veterinary Diagnostics, and Sandy Strilec, a vet student from Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, went out and successfully captured the eagle.  Madis Leivits Highland County Eagle August 2010 John Burch photo          Madis Leivits Sandy Strilec Highland County Eagle August 2010 John Burch photo Photos courtesy of John Burch The eagle did not survive the trip back to the Wildlife Center.  The eagle was given a patient number [#10-1887] and examined by the Center veterinary staff.  The eagle was thin; tests found high levels of lead in the bird’s blood, although radiographs found no shot. Thus far in 2010, the Center has admitted 16 Bald Eagles as patients for treatment and has logged in two additional dead eagles –  one from Bath County [#10-0078 in February] and #10-1887.   Learn more about Bald Eagles treated at the Center, including two current patients.   This year, the Wildlife Center will help about 2,500 patients — sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals in need.  Your donation will help support the Center’s life-saving work

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