Fowler's Toad 17-2192

Admission Date: 
August 23, 2017
Release Date: 
September 25, 2017
Location of Rescue: 
Augusta County, Virginia
Patient Status: 
Patient Archive

On August 18, a private citizen in Augusta County accidentally stepped on an adult Fowler’s Toad. After several days of observation, it became clear that the toad was injured, and it was transported to the Wildlife Center on August 23. Similar in appearance to the common American Toad, Fowler’s Toads are distinguished by a smaller body size and slightly smaller parotoid glands (the large, toxin excreting glands directly behind the eyes). 



Upon admission, the toad was quiet, but alert and responsive. During an initial physical exam, Dr. Ernesto found that the toad’s left leg seemed to be unusually weak and unresponsive. Radiographs were taken of the hind limbs, which revealed that the toad’s left femur had been dislocated from the pelvic joint. After no other abnormalities were noted, pain medication and fluids were administered.


The toad is currently being held in the Center’s Reptile Room, a climate and humidity-controlled area, and is receiving daily pain medication and physical rehabilitation. Once per day the toad is placed in a transparent container filled with water, where veterinary staff are able to closely observe its ability to swim and use the injured leg.


This daily regimen will continue for seven days until an additional set of radiographs will be taken to assess any changes in the toad’s hip joint. Daily physical therapy will continue for at least two to three weeks.


Dr. Ernesto is unsure if the toad will regain full function of its hind leg, but the veterinary staff will attempt to rehabilitate the toad during the coming weeks.


Your special donation will help the Center to provide care to this toad ... and to the 2,500 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals the Center will treat this year.


September 26, 2017

During the past four weeks, Fowler’s Toad #17-2192 has shown significant improvement in overall health. Daily physical therapy has strengthened the muscles in the toad’s left hind leg, and a normal range of motion has returned to the dislocated pelvic joint. While the toad still seems to favor its right side while swimming, no obvious signs of pain or disability have been observed.


The toad was released on September 25 in Augusta County.