First Bald Eagle of 2011

PATIENT:  Bald Eagle, #11-0026 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Mathews County, Virginia INJURY:   Eye injuries in both eyes; positive for lead ADMISSION DATE:  January 15, 2011 OUTCOME:  Euthanized On January 14, Animal Control Officer Ralph Horn responded to a call about an injured Bald Eagle in Mathews County, Virginia.  Officer Horn picked up the eagle that same day; the bird was weak and unable to fly.  The following day, a transporter brought the bird to the Wildlife Center. Upon admission, the Bald Eagle was depressed and was very emaciated.  The eagle's blood work revealed a fairly high lead level, though radiographs did not reveal any lead pellets in the bird's digestive tract.  An initial eye examination confirmed that the eagle had a fairly traumatic eye injury to its right eye.  The veterinary team stabilized the eagle and started it on treatment for the lead toxicity. Unfortunately, when the Bald Eagle received a more in-depth eye examination, the vets found that there were also retinal lesions in the eagle's left eye -- making it mostly blind.  With such limited eye sight, it would definitely not be releasable and was not a good candidate for placement as an education animal.  The eagle was humanely euthanized. The Center depends on the donations of  generous individuals for the care provided to Bald Eagles  — and to more than  2,300 wild animals in need each year.  Please help!

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