Barn Owls 13-2105, 2106, and 2107

Species Name (EN): 
Species Name (LA): 
Admission Date: 
August 6, 2013
Release Date: 
September 30, 2013
Location of Rescue: 
Mt. Solon, Virginia
Cause of Admission / Condition: 
Nest destruction
Patient Status: 
Patient Archive

Three juvenile Barn Owls were admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia on August 6 from Mt. Solon, Virginia. True to their name, Barn Owls are often found roosting and nesting in abandoned barns or buildings as well as cavities and dense trees. In this case, the rescuer found the owlets in a nest in his silo.

 A physical examination was performed on each owl upon admission to the Wildlife Center. The veterinary staff determined that each Barn Owl was clinically healthy, but with some slight dehydration. With all their wing and tail feathers present and intact, the owls were relocated to a small outdoor enclosure to be monitored.

With the owlets’ continued progress, they were moved to a larger flight pen (FP4) on August 26. The owlets will soon begin a daily exercise program to ensure that each bird is flight-conditioned prior to release. When the rehabilitation staff is satisfied with their flight capabilities, each owl will go through several days of live-prey testing. Tune in to the Center’s Critter Cam to watch these young Barn Owls!

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October 2, 2013

On September 30, Barn Owls #13-2105, 13-2106, and 13-2107 were released on a farm in Augusta County. A small group was present for the release, including the birds’ rescuers. These birds are three of nine Barn Owls that have been released this season. [Six Barn Owlets]

One at a time, wildlife rehabilitator Kelli Knight, diagnostic intern Kelli Waller, and wildlife rehabilitation intern Jessica Roberts released a bird. All three owls flew into to the woods on the edge of the release site and faded out of sight.

Wildlife rehabilitation extern Anton captured this footage of the release.



September 29, 2013

All three Barn Owls -- #13-2105, 13-2106, and #13-2107 -- successfully passed live prey training in the past week. Pre-release blood work was drawn on September 28 and was within normal limits. Dr. Dave McRuer, the Center’s veterinary director, will band the three young owls on Monday, September 30. The owls have been moved to Flight Pen 2 until release is arranged this week.

September 20, 2013

Barn Owl patients #13-2105, 2106, and 2107 have continued to show progress. All are being exercised daily and are flying well. They are achieving good height, perching well, tucking their feet when they fly, and flying silently. The owls will continue to be exercised to help build endurance and strength.

On September 17, #13-2015 was moved to Flight Pen 5 to begin “mouse school.” This live-prey testing will determine if the owl can successfully hunt prey and survive in the wild. Today #13-2106 was moved to Flight Pen 2 to start mouse school, and #13-2107 will stay in FP4 to begin as well. Once all three owls have successfully hunted their prey five nights in a row, they will undergo a pre-release evaluation before being cleared for release.

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