Bailing Out a Bale of Turtles

PATIENTS:  Common Snapping Turtles, #11-1996 -- #11-2024 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Waynesboro, Virginia CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Washed into a parking lot after severe thunderstorms ADMISSION DATE:  August 14, 2011 OUTCOME:  Released on August 16, 2011 In the wee hours of the morning on August 14, Dr. Adam received a call on the emergency phone from the First Aid Crew station in downtown Waynesboro. It appeared that Saturday night’s heavy rains had washed out the home of 29 hatchling snapping turtles. The tiny turtles were scattered all over the parking lot, and a few were even stuck in a water-filled hole in the lot. Dr. Adam advised the rescuer to collect the turtles, keep them in tub lined with damp paper towels, and bring them to the Center in the morning. Once the Wildlife Center opened, the turtles were admitted and each received a physical examination. All 29 seemed to be bright and alert and were no worse for the wear after their ordeal. They were set up in a large tub of very shallow water in the Center’s reptile room. Once the forecasted heavy rains in Waynesboro have passed and the high waters of the South River have receded, the turtles will be released in the same area in which they were found.

August 16, 2011

On August 16, the 29 young turtles were released in the same area in which they were found in Waynesboro. Most quickly hunkered down in the muck -- doing a good job of staying hidden!  Click here to see a video of the release.

Photos from the release: Dr. Miranda is interviewed by Todd Corillo at WHSV Preparing for release! Exploring home: Turtle Release in the News: August 17, 2011 Baby Turtles Released After Waynesboro First Aid Rescue, The News Virginian August 16, 2011 29 Hatchling Turtles Released in Waynesboro, WHSV-TV August 16, 2011 Wildlife Center of Virginia Releases 29 Baby Snapping Turtles, WVIR-TV Your donation will help support the Center’s work with patients like these turtles … and with 2,300 other wild animals in need.