Conservation Travel Program Safaris

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is pleased to announce a totally new conservation travel program, with exciting new destinations and unbelievable wildlife experiences in Africa!

Since 2002, the Wildlife Center of Virginia has hosted exciting safari travel to a variety of destinations in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.  Hundreds of travelers have had life-changing experiences and exciting encounters with some of the Earth’s most impressive wildlife.  

The Wildlife Center offers a new list of safari experiences, with a new travel partner, a new trip format, and even more diverse experiences.   However, our personal touch and attention to detail remain, with all trips hosted by conservation professionals from the Wildlife Center’s staff and board.  

All new itineraries and experiences!  Each trip will be individually planned to guarantee a wonderful experience with Africa’s unique wildlife, geography, and culture.   Click the links below to learn more about each new destination, including itineraries. Dates of travel will be adjusted to accommodate your schedule.

  • Kenya – Including time with the Masai people and the iconic Masai Mara - now booking for July 2020!
  • Namibia - Including a visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
  • Rwanda/Kenya – Including a chance to see the Mountain Gorillas;
  • Tanzania/Zanzibar – Including a chance to witness the Great Migration in the Southern Serengeti where thousands of wildebeest are born a day. Also an optional visit to the historic and exotic island of Zanzibar;
  • South Africa (Cape Town and Kruger Regions) – With a chance to explore the incredible city of Cape Town and its regional environs as well as the Greater Kruger area.

New trip format
In response to suggestions and feedback from many of our previous travelers, the format of our conservation travel experiences has been broadened.  Now, in addition to ample time in the bush, getting up-close-and-personal with a breathtaking array of wildlife, we have built in new opportunities to meet and know the people and the culture of Africa, with visits to cultural centers, historic sites, native communities, and other exciting and compelling points on each action-filled itinerary. 


New travel partner
We are very excited to introduce our new travel partner, Infinite Safari Adventures, and Alan Feldstein, the owner and founder.   Several members of our Wildlife Center family have traveled with Alan and gotten to know him and his team.  Maybe more importantly, Alan has gotten to know the Wildlife Center of Virginia. He is passionate about Africa, conservation, giving back to the people of Africa and has regularly traveled to Africa for the last 18 years.  He has worked with us to build this initial selection of diverse and compelling destinations.  Whether you are a first-time adventure traveler to the globe-trotting veteran, these custom trips will meet and exceed your every expectation.    Luxury and quality are the hallmarks of every aspect of each itinerary we offer.

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