The Class of 2018

In addition to the thousands of animals that pass through the Wildlife Center’s doors each year, the Wildlife Center also welcomes dozens of externship students. These students come from all over the world to complete a twelve-week volunteer externship at the Center, focusing in one of two areas: wildlife rehabilitation or education outreach.

The Wildlife Center gains many sets of hands — energetic, enthusiastic students who assist with the endless daily work of a busy wildlife teaching hospital. The externs gain in-depth, hands-on experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and outreach — and a chance to “test run” a career in the field.

A large amount of the rehabilitation students’ time is spent hand-feeding a wide variety of orphaned animals and monitoring their progress. Other duties include learning about animal husbandry, nutrition, capture and restraint methods for various species, wildlife laws, and release criteria.

The outreach externs spend their time learning how to present programs, assisting with written patient and education animal updates, and focusing on some of the outreach technology the Center uses.

By the time 2018 is over, more than two dozen externship students will have passed through the Center’s doors. Check back throughout the year to learn more about these important members of the team!

Name: Dan
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Chicago, IL
College: University of Illinois
Degree in:  Integrative Biology 
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Name: Ally 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Manhasset, NY 
College: University of Virginia
Degree in:  Biology 
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Name: Elizabeth
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA 
College: University of Mary Washington
Degree in:  Biology and Environmental Sustainability 

Name: Liz
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Scotia, NY 
College: State University of NY, Delhi
Degree in:  Veterinary Science Technology 
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Name: Katie
Area: Outreach
Hometown: Elkton, VA
College: James Madison University
Degree in:  Biology and Dance
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A Culture Built Upon Passion
My Twelve Weeks of Wildlife 

Name: Rachel 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Columbia, MD
College: University of Pennsylvania
Degree in:  Environmental Biology 

Name: Samantha 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Richmond, VA
College: James Madison University 
Major:  Political Science with minor in Environmental Science

Name: Sonny 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Waynesboro, VA
College: Virginia Tech
Major:  Animal & Poultry Science 

Name: MacKenzie 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Madison Heights, VA
College: Virginia Tech
Major:  Animal & Poultry Science 

Name: Sarah 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Castleton, NY
College: Union University
Major:  Zoology 

Name: Abby Bryerton
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
College: Virginia Tech
Major:  Fish & Wildlife

Name: Annabelle 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Quebec, Canada
College: Universite de Montreal
Major:  Veterinary Medicine 

Name: Rachel 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Fishersville
College: University of Virginia
Degree in: Classics, with minor in Biology 

Name: Kate
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Bedford, VA
College: The College of William & Mary 
Degree in:  Biology 
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Name: Kelly
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Cassadaga, NY 
College: Cornell University 
Degree in:  Animal Science 

Name: Marley 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Stuarts Draft, VA 
College: Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Major:  General Studies
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Name: Brittany
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Gainesville, VA 
College: University of Mary Washington
Degree in: Biology 
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Name: Shannon 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Bethel, CT 
College: North Carolina State University 
Degree in:  Fisheries & Wildlife Conservation Biology 

Name: Jonathan 
Area: Rehabilitation 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 
College: University of Washington at Seattle
Degree in:  Southeast Asian Studies