Careers Working with Wildlife

There are many ways for people to get involved in working with wildlife.

Whether working in wildlife medicine, rehabilitation, education, and/or conservation, the general advice from experts in this field is to get hands-on experience and get to know the professionals who are working in the areas in which you want to be involved! We have a number of resources compiled for students seeking advice on how to get started. Many of these pieces focus on current and former staff members at the Wildlife Center.

A Day in Photos

What happens in a typical day for a wildlife vet, rehabilitator, or administrator? More than you might think! Follow Wildlife Center staff members through these photo journals, giving you a glimpse into what it's like to be a part of a non-profit wildlife hospital. 

E-Interviews with Staff & Colleagues 

What's it take to work in the wildlife field, and what are some of the most surprising and memorable moments when working with wild animals?  Check out this series of online "interviews" with staff, students, and our colleagues in the field of wildlife. Many of these were created for the first season of Untamed, a television series that looks at the wild and often perilous world of wildlife, as seen through the eyes of the patients of the Wildlife Center of Virginia. 

Where Are They Now?

Many wildlife professionals have passed through the Center’s doors over the years; these former veterinary interns and fellows, along with wildlife rehabilitators and education professionals, have gone on to continue to contribute significantly to the field of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation. Learn more about their training and hear their advice! 

The Wildlife Center offers hands-on training opportunities in multiple areas through externships for fourth-year and international veterinary students, in-depth hands-on wildlife rehabilitation externships, and educational and outreach externships for students wishing to learn more about teaching in-person and online.

Wildlife Care Academy

The Wildlife Center of Virginia established the Wildlife Care Academy to provide comprehensive instruction on a wide array of topics, including wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife medicine and diagnostics, capture and restraint, as well as related disciplines regarding conservation education and organization management. Learn more, and visit our online class schedule.