Bringing Your Cat Indoors


It can be challenging to transition a free-roaming outdoor cat to an indoor-only lifestyle, but with patience, diligence, and enrichment, a successful move to the indoors is possible.

Ready to make the transition? The Wildlife Center of Virginia  collaborated with Animal Behavior Consultant Cheryl Falkenburry to compile resources that will help you create an enriching environment to keep your cat happy and healthy indoors.

Click here for Cheryl’s step-by-step advice on making the transition.

From the United States to Japan and England, Cheryl Falkenburry has traveled the world for more than 20 years helping people make sense of mind-boggling animal behavior. Working with animal behaviorists in Tucson, Arizona, and England, majoring in psychology, and becoming a certified parenting educator prepared Cheryl to teach both humans and animals. Cheryl recognized that the concepts of positive parenting and loving leadership worked whether her clients were parents of human children or furry ones and applies her positive parenting skills to her animal training sessions. Through her book, In Delilah's Eyes: Dog Training from the Dog's Perspective and countless of in-home sessions and classes, Cheryl has helped thousands of people develop new and exciting relationships with the animals who share their lives.

Photo Credit: Center Hill School

Cheryl Falkenburry
Center Hill School
Palmyra, VA 22963

Happy Indoor Cats

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Dusty the Formerly-feral Cat


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