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This Day Bites

You may have heard this fact before; however, those of you who haven’t may be shocked to find out which animal causes the most human deaths in the world.  Hint: it’s not a snake or a shark or a mountain lion or an alligator.

A Culture Built Upon Passion [Student Blog]

I have gained an immense amount of knowledge here in only six short weeks of being an Outreach Extern. While the information about education ambassadors and handling is a large portion of this, I have also learned about the Center’s overall atmosphere …

There is a culture here that is hard to explain but undeniably present. The people are light-hearted, friendly, and passionate about the Center’s mission and the work they do on a daily basis. As part of the outreach team, I am working to translate this aura into words to convey the Center’s passion to the public.

My New Classroom, My Favorite Place [Student Blog]

I can still picture myself last summer, sitting in the education office of an aquarium in North Carolina, perusing the pictures and stories of education animals on the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s website. After my Education Intern experience at the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, I was positive that my place in this wonderful world of wildlife was in conservation education.


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